Sherlock Holmes Online Game

Sherlock Holmes

Welcome to Sherlock Holmes The Game of Shadows! We all know who Sherlock Holmes is, if you like mystery, curiosity, finding solutions and right answers then you are at the right place because this game gives you exactly that and some actions! Help Sherlock Holmes and his assistant to solve crimes and mysteries. At the beginning select the level that you want to start. 3D graphics, animation, sound effects, voices, nature around you will blow your mind because of the excellent quality of this game. Great adventure waiting for you so be prepared, take action and solve the mystery cases with your assistant. At certain times during the game you will have to change the characters in order to perform a task or solve the case, pay close attention to the details because the details are important. The game is designed for all ages. We wish you lots of fun in solving mystery cases.

Instructions: Use arrows to walk Use mouse to look around Right mouse button to Aim Left mouse button to Shoot and Punch Spacebar- Jump 1,2 - Select weapons RETURN button - Switch Characters