Downhill Bowling Online Game

Downhill Bowling

You can play this game in two different modes, Regular game and Timed Mode. Your task in this bowling game are simple, ten sets of pins are laid out on the track, you have to knock down pins in order to collect coins to earn points. If you play timed mode you must finish the track as fast as possible and remember, pins and coins in this mode give you time bonus so try to collect them all. Knock down as many pins as you can, earn bonus points for strikes and thru to clear out a whole pin set, that give you extra points. You can unlock achievements, each level has a list of achievements that you can unlock, try to unlock them all and become a pro player in bowling! At the need you can unlock the bonus level, but you must play level 1-9 at least once to unlock the bonus level. Enjoy in this fun 3D Bowling game!

Instructions: Spacebar-Start Use left and right arrow keys to control the bowling ball. Esc-Pause